An entrepreneu, a business mogul and designer extraordinaire,Mr. Praveen Goel has established himself as a well-recognized name in the world of luxury retail. A gemmologist, who has also studied Indian law, works diligently to make changes in the conventional thought process of Indian consumers.His affair with jewellery started back in 2001.The bond has only grown stronger as he is not only launching a new jewellery brand but introducing the most exquisite bridal jewellery collections that will be a Trendsetter in 2015.

From predicting trends and styles, to researching material selection and design, to giving a well scrutinized nod to the final product, Praveen Goel is a connoisseur par excellence who has a keen eye for all the facets that go into the fine art of jewellery making. Praveen believes that a combination of art, distinctive thought process and craftsmanship enables one to rise above the ordinary and create jewellery that is truly magnificent. Perfection in jewellery has been his core thought since childhood. Hehad a vision to change the mode of jewellery industry. He has won lot of laurels and awards in a short span of time with his innovativeideas and design.

Praveen Goel says, “We take inspiration from classical motifs and styles that had been handed by generation of artisans who have mastered the art of ornament creation. Taking this classical inspiration, our craftsmen forge it with the design and create a bridal masterpiece whose beauty and value are only enhancing from time to time.Keeping these very esteemed ideals in mind, Praveen Goel is launching a jewellery brand SUNAR which will establish a new benchmark for jewels and ornaments, by creating visual poetry through designs that are inspired by rich heritage, embracing contemporary styles and modern innovations. The brandwill open the doors to its first showroom at Bank Street, Karol Bagh and second at One Style Mile, Mehrauli, and New Delhi. The new stores will provide an exhilarating shopping experience with their opulent interiors and array of magnificent jewellery enclosed in stylish cases.